Realtime local 10 GHz Rain Scatter situation in KP21MI:


Spectrogram centre frequency 10368.800 MHz, span 150 kHz, IF is inverting, spectrogram refreshed automatically every 60 seconds !

- here we can see a slightly heavier rain period of some minutes (just after midnight 25.07.2010)
- with another short burst of rather heavy rain later in the early morning (25.07.2010)
- typically evident is the increase in noise temperature due to the "warm" rain, falling, but also hanging to the radome
- you can keep track of the rain situation from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, FMI
- just for fun, here is a cross-polarized detection of OH3SHF in very light rain (07.07.2010)
- 5 kHz span view of what is actually happening - this is with an seriously (140 degrees) off-pointed 120 cm dish at 9 degrees elevation (21.07.2008)
- note energy dispersal of the quasi-coherent CW carrier due to rain density
- also (relative) wind-speed dependent appropriate Doppler shift is clearly visible
- the drift is due to my transverter LO, which needs some serious thermal stabilisation improvements...

25.07.2010 Michael Fletcher
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